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Husky, I am Disappoint
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This journal entry is intended to express my opinions and feelings on subjects that have led to unfortunate things said towards me lately. I urge everyone to take the time to read it whether or not you are aware of any of these events. As I've pointed out elsewhere before, I am only trying to help. Please do not be quick to ridicule me without thinking about how you honestly feel on the issues. This journal will be public. Comments will be screened. If you wish to comment, I urge you to be honest and sincere. Who knows, maybe we can have a half-decent debate.

Imposing Free Will

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I've had a really bad week. If you don't follow me, then... well... I've had a really fucking terrible week. I had something happen to me at work a couple of days ago that really got me upset because I screwed up pretty bad. I felt terrible most of the day. Everything worked out alright in the end though. So I am glad to have that put behind me as a lesson learned. On that note, I've also learned another lesson this week; no matter how hard I try to help others, no matter how positive my intentions, there will always be backlash, ridicule and torment. What started out as a simple statement of a major pet peeve of mine eventually led to an argument over who was right, as well as a few other things said about me. Let me make one thing abso-fucking-lutely clear: I am not trying to be an egotistical asshole. If I wanted to be an egotistical asshole, I'd be a young professor with a PhD. (inside joke that no one will get unless you went to school with me - therefore making this joke moot). I am not imposing my beliefs or opinions on anyone. I may from time to time state my opinions, but that does not mean I expect or want you to hold the same opinions as mine. Freedom of speech is great - it is also a curse. I am free to state my mind, and others are free to a rebuttal. I'm not going to judge anyone that responds to me in a negative manner. That's to be expected in the diverse online society that we live in today. So I am not posting this to call anyone out. I just want to express my feelings on the issue - as I believe I am and have been misunderstood on many occasions. Everyone is so quick to judge anyone that they do not agree with. If there is only one thing I can have all of you get out of this entry; I want everyone to try and be more open-minded towards opposition and to think about the "bigger picture." For my sake and yours.

Decimation of the English Language

I did not major in English - in fact, I hated English in school. But, for Christ sake, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" (source) I feel that modern society is a disgrace to itself. Gone are the days of preserving human integrity. With the explosion of online social media and interaction, we have let our guard down. Should any of the greatest English writers of the earliest centuries see our society now, they would have a heart attack at what they see has become of our once highly-regarded and powerful language. As someone who has graduated from an accredited University with a Bachelor's degree, I am all but obligated to "protect and preserve the English language." (Note: I do not believe I am better than everyone else. I do not have an inferiority complex.) Do a search on Google, or on your favorite inferior search engine (see what I did there?), for "preserving the English language" and you will find many great articles, journals and books to read. Have any of you seen the movie "Idiocracy?" If you have, you can imagine what I'm about to say. If you haven't, you need to go watch it because it will give you a pretty good idea of where society is heading quicker than we realize. There are VERY few things in this world that I am so passionate about. Until very recently, this issue was not one of them. I am quickly realizing more and more just how much of a problem this is.

Ignorance Versus Diction

LOLcats, I Can Has Cheeseburger, etc... You know, they use that silly style of writing that we all love - to an extent. It's become a staple in the Internet's backbone (or data centers). It's become the "language of the 'net." While I wholeheartedly accept and use such language online, there has to be a distinct line between right and wrong. This is where a majority of the problem with today's English language lies. Children and teenagers of this early 21st century are being raised on the Internet. From the articles they read to conversations they have with friends, the young are being taught that such diction is acceptable everywhere. Did you know that there are more and more reports about people applying to jobs and getting flat out denied and not even considered because they write like a 5th grader? It's a growing problem - and a serious problem. I believe that is one of the many factors causing this suffering job economy. These young people simply do not know any better because that's all they've been taught and that's the way they are used to writing. We can partly blame the many "economical" cutbacks in the American educational system for aiding in this lack of proper teaching. If the public education system is not teaching improper versus proper English to our young members of society, who is? One of my tweets this week was this; "I challenge everyone to learn the proper use of the following words: you, you're, to, too, then, than, their, they're, there." I wasn't pointing any fingers (or claws), I wasn't calling anyone out, nor was I imposing my opinions on everyone else. I swear I cringe every time I see someone use one of those simple words incorrectly. Yes, I know better and they may not. We all make mistakes - as I have experienced a major one recently, and I totally understand that. I'm not writing all of this towards those that make the occasional mistake. I'm more worried about those that consistently use the same word incorrectly. I know you're probably thinking "why the hell does it even matter?" or "who gives a fuck?" or even "what business of yours is it to tell me how to type?" Why can I not attempt to educate the uneducated? If you chose not to educate yourself on proper English, so be it. I'm not going to ridicule you. If you know better but chose to type like you don't give a fuck, then that's your choice. If you have to ability to write an amazing journal article with 100% proper English yet you chose to ignore the rules of the English language in everyday typing, then that is your choice and I cannot judge you for that. If you type with improper English because you dropped out of High School, then I pity you. I'm sorry but everyone is well capable of passing High School unless you have some sort of mental retardation - or you're just a lazy fuck that needs to stop stealing from those that work their asses off and pay taxes for you to live off of welfare. But that's just a whole other issue that I could rant forever on. . . Anywho, back on topic. . . I choose to type in cute Internet and "furry lingo" often, but I try not to overdo it. I make sure I spell the majority of the words correctly unless it just isn't possible to express the same cutesy feeling otherwise. What is my overall point? Think about what you type and read it over before you press that Enter key or tap that Submit button. That's all I ask. Do it for the kids, m'kay?


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