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New website open! (x-post from FA)
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Some of you may be familiar with my site that has displayed a "coming soon" splash page for a really long time. The main reason it's been that way is because it was, and is, going to be focusing on my fursuit and other furry adventures, etc. After waiting nearly 2 years for my suit, I got it at AC this summer and despite a couple of things I was excited to finally have my suit. Now, due to some personal preferences, I am having the head remade and I should expect to have it and have a complete suit by mid-September or so. Although I won't have much to post for a while, I have been working on the website and learning a new content management system in the process. I forgot how much I enjoyed web development and I've been working on the site almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, I think it's ready to open up to the public for input. Keep in mind that it's still in "beta" stages (I promise it won't be in beta as long a gmail was!) and there may be bugs and kinks to work out. I'd love to hear your feedback on the site; the design, the color scheme, the content, etc. Over time I do plan on adding more content and trying to make everything a bit more organized. Being that we are in an era where social networking has become the majority on the web, I'd like to know what you guys want to hear about, know about, and see regarding me, my life, my suit, con experiences, etc. The site will have things related to furry and my fursuit and my life on Second Life. I'm contemplating posting more general things to the site such as blog posts about technology and other things that I am interested in. Obviously I will be keeping LiveJournal and FurAffinity updates as I have been, but I may be posting more generalized things on my site. This is merely a thought at the moment, but I may open up my site to my family... which means opening up about my life to them. Still not so sure I'm ready for that, but I think the time is approaching whether I want it to or not. I will explain that in more detail in another post in about a week or so. I think making my site and keeping it up to date may be the best way for me to eventually show my family what my life is really about. I much prefer that to them searching for "furry" on the internet and finding the ever-so-famous biased things. Enough with me typing and on with you clicking!


Again, I really appreciate any feedback you can give me, whether it be good or bad.

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Website looks really good! :)
I love the layout

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