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About fursuiting at cons...
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Yes, we've all heard what everyone has to say about how fursuiting at cons has changed in the last few years. As more people come into the fandom and commission suits what do you expect? No, I don't have a solution; there doesn't need to be a solution. Cons will grow, the number of  fursuiters will grow, and there is nothing you can do the "preserve cons of the past." We all have to learn to deal with changes at some point in our lives, and this happens to be one of those changes that we all must accept and deal with. I've yet to experience a true suiting experience at a con so I have nothing to say regarding the matter, except this: SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY! If you can't provide a solution, then there's absolutely no need to whine about it.

...now, on with my regularly scheduled trip home for the weekend.

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Sorry you find someone posting their own feeling and opinions in their own journal to be such a problem. You need not follow mine if it bothers you so much. I have my journal specifically so I have a place o post them. Problem solved

I am not singling anyone out. There have been posts by lots of people I watch, and not just on LJ.

Sorry for the knee jerk reaction. I am on a bit of an emotional roller coaster today. I shouldnt be slamming doors on people, especially those I hope are friends.

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