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I Graduated Today!
Fluke Badge

This is a scan of the official diploma and yes I have altered my name to reflect what it would be if I had my way.

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*hugs tight and congrats!*

Nah you'll be getting a whole lot more!

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations. XD

Congrats! Oh, I found where you were in the program, but I definitely comatose by then

LOL, as most of the graduates :P

CONGRADS Kane..Job well done...*HUGS

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! knew u would do it husky butt , now get up to the north west :P

I'm trying as best I can but the job market isn't cooperating <_<

Wheeee! Congratulations :P

Any idea where you're going next?

Thanks. Looks like I may get a summer job in Aiken, SC but that's all I have lined up so far.

well grats.. even though I am a Gamecock fan.. :)

Awesome!!! Congrats Bud! :)

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